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Here are some general links and information on how to care for your new flooring. First and foremost, in most cases, you can move furniture onto your floors the next day after final coat. If you should need any further info, feel free to email us at the link to the right of this page. We're happy to provide you with any information that you may need.

How to Care for your New Hardwoods

  • Never use any sort of floor wax on or around your floors. Even if they claim they are for hardwood floors. Furniture wax and floor wax form a film on your hardwoods that can only be sanded off. Proper care and cleaning, allow for your flooring company to come in and simply buff and coat your floors every three to four years, a much less expensive procedure.

  • To clean your floors, use only a dry mop, such as a swifter or similar. If you need to remove dirt, use a damp cloth and wipe immediately. Should you need to do a more thorough cleaning, fill a bucket with 80 parts hot water and 20 parts NO Ammonia glass cleaner and mop your floor using a clean floor mop only used for your hardwoods.[ We recommend having a second, clean mop for your hardwoods and not using the same flooring mop you use on your tile floors, as cleaning residue from your tile can be left behind and cause damage to your floors.] Rinse and repeat if necessary, and towel dry when finished.

Where to Shop for Pre-finished Flooring and Hardwood

Do's and Don't's After Having Your Floors Done

  • No carpets for 30 days

  • Don't Drag Furniture on a blanket or towel. Contrary to what you might think, dragging a refrigerator or other heavy piece of furniture on a blanket is not going to prevent damage to your newly finished floors. Flooring is extremely vulnerable to scuffing and gouges in the first thirty days of refinishing. If you need to move your heavy furniture back, it is highly recommended that you use a piece of plywood to roll it on.

  • Do ask for help when moving any furniture and be sure and use the felt protectors on any chairs, tables or other furniture that will be moved around on your floors, to prevent scratches and gouges.

  • Do wear stocking feet for at least the first month they have been refinished.

  • Do call your flooring company if your floors change appearance. It is perfectly normal for your new floors to shrink and expand during the various temperature changes associated with summer and winter. However, if you see your floors "cup"--a condition which looks as if your floors are curling up on the edges--call your flooring company immediately, so that you can resolve the issue in the least expensive manner.

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